At IvyTech Solutions, Inc. we believe in having a way of life were work does not come in your way of having a relaxed environment. We encourage our employees to have a healthy balance between your work and non-work schedules. Through our Flexible hours and vacations and remote-work options, we encourage you to find this balance.

Our team often encourage team bonding sessions, company lunches and other benefits. IvyTech Solutions, Inc offers a multitude of benefits to its employees. This ranges from extremely competitive salary (Our salary ranges could be in the top tier of salaries for our technical employees) to different other benefits including bonuses, health-care benefits, expense reimbursements etc. We are in the initial stages of incorporating a 401K plan to our benefits package.

An easy access of communication through-out the management and legal team, quick resolutions etc. are something that we are proudly to offer to our team members.

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