Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

With so many choices in today’s marketplace, IT teams often find difficulty in effectively managing and evaluating vendor partners. Today’s industries need to respond rapidly to the changing market conditions with innovation, expertise and agility. Staying ahead of the curve and achieving long-term success requires ongoing business and IT transformation. They need a better integration between the business teams and the IT teams and be proactive and not reactive.

We work with multiple VMS (Vendor Management Systems), each premier in their niche service areas to provide better services and opportunities for our clients and our team members.

IvyTech’s consulting services provides best-in-class knowledge, innovation and services to help our global enterprises successfully transform the way they do business. Our employees perform their services at multiple Fortune 500 client locations to help them build a new culture as well as improvise their existing technical and cultural infrastructure. They help our clients to sense and respond to the market conditions, ahead of time and thus assuring a smooth, successful transition to the new needs.

We help our clients address concerns related to the following areas and more;

  • Programming Consulting (JAVA/J2EE, .NET)
  • Business Analysis, Quality Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • AWS services, AWS Cloud and Openstack
  • Database Administration

Currently our resources provide solutions for the following pioneers

  • National Rail and Air Transport Clients: Our team members works at this client providing services to help the client achieve their results.
  • Global Technology Company: Our multiple team members currently provide services for this tech giant, efficiently and effectively helping both organizations and themselves.
  • Government agencies: our employees and resources work at several State Government agencies in the Midwest area.